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Posture Screening

Posture Screening


Posture getting you down?

Posture problems leading to pain?

Having difficulty with your posture?

Noticing posture problems in someone you love?


out of line . blocks

Out of line?


Chiropractors work with posture problems on a daily basis.  


If you would like to have your posture screened by a Chiropractor, we are happy to offer posture screening at our office in Caledonia.


Our Chiropractors educate patients on posture daily.  If you would like to read some information on posture, check out some of our blogs here:

Chiropractor shares why Posture is so Important

The Best Posture Exercise

What is the worst sleeping posture?

Ideas to help neck postures while E-Learning

Scoliosis and Chiropractic



Contact us for posture help in Caledonia

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