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Ideas to help neck postures while E-Learning

Ideas to help neck postures while E-Learning

With the kids switching to E-Learning at home now it is very apparent of how poor their postures become when on devices.  The absolute worst position for a neck is when the head is off centre, especially looking down.  Does that posture seem familiar?  Maybe you are guilty of it as well!


Through Chiropractic College and studying there was countless hours in the library and at home studying.  One saving grace for my neck was the book stands that they had at the CMCC library.  They were able to hold the text books up at an angle so that the learner wasn’t staring completely down the whole time.  I was even able to get a portable / foldable book stand that I used at home and at coffee shops to study.

Here is an example of what was very helpful for my neck postures while studying:

book stand example Fellowes Copyholder - Booklift

Fellowes Copyholder – Booklift –

At home my kids are just learning how to use tablets as they are still in preschool and kindergarten.  I am hoping to help them learn proper neck positions at this important developmental time and learning time.  I was able to build a simple book stand which greatly changed their posture from horrible to okay.   Fortunately, the amount of time a little kid is on these devices is very minimal.  Unfortunately many people are spending a lot of time on these devices now in horrible positions.

Here are some examples you can try to help your family’s neck postures while on their devices / E-Learning:

Fellowes Copyholder – Booklift (picture as above)

VIVALLA Tablet stand at Ikea

Foldable Tablet Stand

I often see patients in my Haldimand Chiropractic clinic that hurt their necks severely by poor posture on their devices or books.   Try your best to avoid this injury as it can be very painful and affect you how your spine ages as well.

What creative ways are you encouraging to help your children learn proper postures while using devices or E-Learning?

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