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What Is The Most Important Part Of Your Body?

We learn a lot about the Heart in grade school, but that’s not the most important part of your body!

It is actually your Brain and the Nerve System.

Your brain and nerve system controls and coordinates everything in your body.  It is the master control system in your body.  We have a skull to protect it, as well as a spine to protect its nerves which are similar to ‘Wires’.  These nerves have direct and indirect connection to the heart, digestive system, and the skeleton.

The most important part of your body is your Brain and Nerve System. 

“Your brain is you. Everything else is just plumbing and scaffolding.” Bill Bryson describing the brain in his 2019 book called The Body – A Guide for Occupants,


Headaches And Migraines

That brain sure is important! How do you help it?

Beyond just not hitting your head, there is lots you can do to take care of your brain!

As a Chiropractor in Caledonia, I am constantly helping patients ‘connect’ to their brain in order to help control your body to it’s best ability, making life that much more enjoyable!  Below I have some strategies that I share with my Chiropractic patients. Enjoy! – Dr. Callum Peever

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Chiropractic is one of the best way to help ensure that the situations you throw at your body, brain, and nerve system are not going to negatively affect your life.  So take care of the most important part of your body and get checked by your Chiropractor. You are worth it!

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Transcript from the YouTube video:

What is the Most Important Part of Your Body?

The Brain.

A lot of times because I am a chiropractor people will guess the spine. But because today is the talk about growing your brain, the brain is on the top of your mind and you are all guessing correctly.  The most important part of your body is your Brain.  The body even thought so and this is where I come to the white board which is going to be a little smaller here. The body thought the brain was so important that it completely enclosed it in bone. So you’ve got the brain, and in that brain, the skull surrounding it. Now that brain controls and coordinates everything that we do. Everything, those nerves go out to the feet, hands, heart and those nerves even go out to more curious things like the immune system, lungs kidneys and glands. Every aspect of that body, the brain has a direct connection to through the nerves. So there’s a nice picture of the brain. We all know it’s a curious organ in the head. We might live there or think there, who knows. Our soul might be there, who knows. But the brain does connect to every part of our body through those nerves. And you’ll see them extend. Here’s some other pictures here. You’ll see it extends all the way down to other parts of your body. Anatomically we have known this for a long time. It hasn’t been for too long that researchers started dissecting bodies. There are some pathways that the nerves take so that there all mapped out and how it gets from one part to the next and what part of the spinal cord has what part. Here’s another simple version showing how the brain connects out. And for kids I try and help them realize this because they don’t use wires anymore. I say it’s not wireless, the brain has direct connections from one part to the next. It’s more like the old computers with the cords. So less like the wireless devices.

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Dr. Callum Peever,

Chiropractor in Caledonia, Ontario, Canada