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What does a healthier life mean to you?

What does a healthier life mean to you?

Does it mean less pain? More energy? More time doing the things that you love?

A healthier life for me will be playing with the kids and not recovering afterwards for a month.

I tend to push the limits trying to keep up with a 4 and 6 year old.

Earlier in the spring I let the 4 year old convince me to hit a big bike jump.  This was exhilarating but unfortunately I paid for that exhilaration for a month afterwards.  That was with landing the jump! Not even falling.

This winter I also overdid it while shoveling snow forts – big ones.  Unfortunately, for a month afterwards I felt it.  It was so worth it to be outside with the kids keeping active and imagining with them, but unfortunately I wasn’t prepared for the amount of digging we were doing.

So, a healthier life for me, which I am striving and working towards, is where I am able to be active and play with the kids without injuring myself for a month afterwards.  I want to be present and able to play with the kids.  And a big part of that will be being present with them and joining in with their imaginative play.  At the same time being prepared and warming up before some of the more physically demanding imaginative stunts.  Keeping active and adjusted will be a big part of that for me, so that I am ready for when imagination strikes


What does a healthier life mean to you?

What would it mean for those that you love?


If you need help reaching that healthier life, we are here to help.


Helping you generate momentum towards your healthier life,

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