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The Making of an Activator Instrument

I recently received this video from Activator Methods and enjoyed watching the process of making an Activator instrument. I was sharing this was some patients and thought that more people would enjoy it.

Here is the video below titled the Life of an Activator:

The instruments can have 4 different force levels (from 9 lbs to 38 lbs of force) that allow the Chiropractor to adjust different areas of the body and spine with appropriate strength. The best part about the instruments is how they are strategically fast in order to most efficiently create reflexive changes in the body. This allows the Chiropractor to “move the bone” or make change in the spine with minimal force. I have heard this summarized at the seminars as being an adjustment that is “very fast and very light”.

Activator IV

Which Activator Instrument are you using now?

I am very proud to be advanced proficiency trained every year in this Chiropractic technique. I used this particular Activator IV instrument from 2007 until 2015 but have now switched to the new Activator V instrument. The design changed from the previous models but I enjoy using the Activator V now more so than the Activator IV. It gets a crisper adjustment, the hand positions are improved, and the results are the same if not better. The instrument now uses a solenoid instead of a spring to move the anvil, which avoids the wearing out of the spring. It keeps the same automatic preload feature of the Activator IV which was a great improvement from the Activator II. The disadvantage is the need for a battery and the larger size (It weighs 23 oz/ vs the 10.4 oz of the Activator IV). The force range for the Activator V is from 9 lbs to 41 lbs.

Activator V

I would be curious to see a short video on the making of the newer instruments as well!

Read more about the Activator Chiropractic Technique on our blog about it or by checking out the official Activator Methods International website.

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