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Rib Pain Helped with Chiropractic

Rib Pain Helped with Chiropractic

This is a research case study of a 20 year old who had years of rib pains in his chest after doing exercises at the gym.  Fortunately for him he found a Chiropractor who was able to help him move and heal properly again!  Read some of my favourite excerpts from this 2016 study.

Resolution of Costochondritis and its Complications in a 20- year-old Male

“Costochondritis is a common problem that may be seen by a chiropractor. The patient will experience anterior chest wall pain that is tender upon palpation; this is due to inflammation of the costochondral articulation. 1″

“A 20-year-old male sought care for anterior chest pain lasting over two years. He stated that the pain arose when he was performing triceps dips at the gym while simultaneously looking over his left shoulder. He reported feeling a few cracks at the time of the incident. The patient identified the pain locally over his left midsternal region and described it as deep, stabbing and aching. “

This patient also suffered from gastro-esophageal reflux problems that developed after his rib pains.  Interestingly, after the rib pain subsided, he also stopped having the reflux problems!  It is always incredible at how the mechanics of the body will directly and indirectly impact the function of the organ systems.  Fortunately, Chiropractic was very helpful in this case which bothered this young man for years!  Next time I doubt he’d wait longer than a day before seeking Chiropractic help!  Don’t wait – We are here to help in Caledonia!

What about rib pain on my back?

This study was an example of a pain that was felt at the chest.  It is even more common in my office to see the pain at the rib on the back.  This is usually a very specific pain that can be pointed to, irritated with breathing deeply, and sometimes can spread around the rib cage to the front.  Fortunately, this can be very simple to help through Chiropractic!  Teaching and helping you to prevent it from happening again takes effort however!

Here to help in Caledonia,

Dr. Callum Peever – Chiropractor at Caledonia Chiropractic

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