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Whether we’re sitting slumped over our desks, strapping on backpacks that are too heavy or lifting items incorrectly, our backs can take a beating. This February, show your back a little love!

Our body wasn’t designed for sitting, even though we do a lot of that these days—whether it’s at work or at home. Having ergonomically designed, quality furniture that respects our bodies is important.

Though this is probably the umpteenth time you’ve heard this, it bears repeating: if you’re moving something heavy, always lift with your legs, not your back. By letting your legs do the heavy lifting, you’re less likely to strain your back or sustain an injury.

Getting regular chiropractic checks is an ideal way to love your back. Like the preventative value of regularly brushing your teeth, getting adjusted on a routine basis can ensure that your spine is healthy and your back is happy!