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Hacking The Nervous System Vagus Nerve

Hacking the Nervous System with the Vagus nerve


As the longest cranial nerve out of the twelve, the vagus nerve begins at the brain stem and continues along the spine to multiple organs including the esophagus, heart, and lungs, and all the way to the abdomen. The main function of the vagus nerve is to aid in automatic bodily functions, such as food digestion and heart rate regulation.  At the bottom of this post is a recent article that discusses the impact that the vagus nerve has on the body and health in greater depth. Our Caledonia Chiropractors is very interested in this type of research, as we are focused on supporting the nervous system while it tries its best to coordinate your body.

As a Chiropractor, don’t you touch the bones? Why are you talking about nerves?

Yes, as Chiropractors we do contact your back bones and perform spinal adjustments – But we do this in order to reduce the interference to your nerve system that can occur because of your spine (this health impacting phenomenon is called a vertebral subluxation) . By reducing your nerve interference through regular Chiropractic check-ups for vertebral subluxations you can reduce any negative impact of the spine on the nerve system – including the vagus nerve.  This in turn helps your body work as it was should.

The Chiropractic adjustment is one way to positively impact the nervous system and vagus nerve. What are other ways? – Read the articles below and discuss with your Chiropractor. The first one is the original post.

You can also read more in this post on Chiropractic and the Autonomic Nervous System