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Conditions caused by Upper Neck Injuries

Conditions That May Be Caused by Upper Neck Injuries

The upper neck is a very sensitive spot in the spine.   This is because the upper neck vertebrae (atlas and axis) are the most movable part of the spine and these vertebrae in the upper neck can directly impact the brain stem.  By impacting the brain stem, these upper neck injuries can greatly impact and lead to many conditions such as headaches, migraines, backaches, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other, more serious conditions.   Fortunately, by addressing these upper neck injuries with our Chiropractor in Caledonia, you can greatly help these neck pains now and try to reduce the chance of these upper neck injuries leading to future problems.

How could an upper neck injury cause problems?

 Neck injuries affect more than just the neck.  The spinal cord leaves the brain through the spinal cord in the upper neck.   Pressure or irritation on this structure can create all sorts of weird sensations and problems.  Unfortunately, it can also be ignored.  When ignored, this pressure can lead to problems over time.

Migraines, Emotional Problems, Neck Pain & Backache

In Caledonia we see many patients that have been suffering with migraines, emotional problems, neck pain and backache improve while under chiropractic care. Here is an article to read covering the same topic:
Treatment of Bipolar, Seizure, and Sleep Disorders and Migraine Headaches Utilizing a Chiropractic Technique

Depression after upper neck injuries

Researchers also link neck injuries to emotional depression.

Cerebral symptoms after whiplash injury of the neck: a prospective clinical and neuropsychological study of whiplash injury.

From this study they found that within 2 weeks of a whiplash injury to the neck, out of the 21 subjects of the study… “…13 patients reported concentration deficits, 18 reported sleep disturbances, 9 had symptoms of depression, and 7 female patients told of menstrual irregularities.”

Watch the posture in someone who is depressed –> their spinal posture plays a big roll in the experience of depression.


Studies show that the trauma caused by spinal injuries speeds up the process of osteoarthritis. In addition, research indicates that osteoarthritis increases incidents of falls causing fractures.

Osteoarthritis of the knee is associated with vertebral and nonvertebral fractures in the elderly: The Rotterdam Study


Dizziness and the upper neck

It is very common for patients with upper neck injuries to present with dizziness or vertigo.  The upper neck is an often overlooked aspect in a patient experiencing dizziness or vertigo, but not at our office.  We see patients that have been experiencing this disabling problem regularly.  For those patients that the upper neck is involved in their dizziness, a course of specific Chiropractic adjustments can help restore the balance aspect of the upper neck.  Check out our other blogs on dizziness to learn more about how the Chiropractic approach can assist people who are suffering with vertigo.

Arm Numbness

When the lower neck vertebrae pinches or irritates the nerves, the effect is felt into the arms leading to arm numbness, tingling, and weakness. However, the upper neck can lead to similar problems as all of the nerves pass from the brain, through the upper neck, to their destination.  In this 2018 study below, the upper neck of this man was the key factor that created his arm numbness which had lasted for 5 months.

Resolution of neck pain and upper extremity paresthesia in a 28-year old male following blair upper cervical chiropractic care to reduce vertebral subluxation 2018

If you are suffering with arm numbness, tingling, or weakness definitely have your neck checked for alignment.  If the neck is out of position it is very easy for the bones to irritate the nerves.

Path of Prevention after an upper neck injury

If you’ve sustained any type of accident – form mild to traumatic – contact your doctor of chiropractic for a complete spinal evaluation.

If you’re currently in pain, your symptoms could be related to undetected vertebral subluxations, which can be easily corrected. Even if you feel you’ve escaped the trauma symptom free, scheduling an appointment with your Caledonia Chiropractor will ensure that your neck and spine are in working order to avoid future problems.