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Chiropractic Patient shares his Chiropractic book from 1970


A Chiropractic patient of mine in Caledonia was reading a Chiropractic book titled Chiropractic – A Modern Way to Health from 1966 and revised in 1970 by Dr. Julius Dintenfass.  The title page adds, “The remarkable story of today’s fastest-growing drugless way to health – and how it can help you toward a sound body and increased vitality”.

title page of book - Chiropractic A Modern Way to Health by Dr. Julius Dintenfass from 1970

What was the book about?

  • The need for change
  • Growing recognition
  • Spinal manipulation in times past
  • The discovery of Chiropractic
  • Man’s gravity-defying spine
  • First in X Rays of the spine
  • You as a Chiropractic patient
  • The scope of Chiropractic
  • What Chiropractic can do for you
  • Your children need attention, too
  • Ailments of the later years
  • Facts about emotional illness
  • Chiropractic education
  • Chiropractic’s “Growing pains”
  • A.M.A. disapproves
  • M.D.’s approve
  • New horizons for your health

What did my patient enjoy the most in this book?

My patient enjoyed the political story that was discussed regarding the A.M.A. disapproval, but M.D. approval.  It went through the story of Chiropractic getting included in the United States Medicare system despite A.M.A. fighting.   If that patient enjoyed that discussion, he would certainly love to read about the Wilk Anti-Trust lawsuit against the AMA which ended in 1987 with a permanent injunction order against the AMA.  Here is the abstract of the article that was forced by the judge to be in the AMA’s journal:

January 1, 1988


Susan Getzendanner

JAMA. 1988;259(1):81-82. doi:10.1001/jama.1988.03720010059044

“The court conducted a lengthy trial of this case in May and June of 1987 and on August 27,1987, issued a 101 page opinion finding that the American Medical Association (“AMA”) and its members participated in a conspiracy against chiropractors in violation of the nation’s antitrust laws. Thereafter an opinion dated September 25, 1987 was substituted for the August 27,1987 opinion. The question now before the court is the form of injunctive relief that the court will order.

As part of the injunctive relief to be ordered by the court against the AMA, the AMA shall be required to send a copy of this Permanent Injunction Order to each of its current members. The members of the AMA are bound by the terms of the Permanent Injunction Order if they act in concert with the AMA to violate the terms of the order.”

What else did the Chiropractic patient learn from the book?

The Chiropractic patient also enjoyed reading about the role of the spine, how it defies gravity, and how gravity impacts it.  The book has images to help illustrate the concepts.

The interesting thing with books from the past on Chiropractic is how applicable they still are today.  Even though our world changes with respect to technology and understanding, the physiology of the body (how the body works) remains the same.  Chiropractic has always taught us to care for our spine, and the message is the same today.  Through caring for your spine, the effect on life and health is amazing.

Here are more highlighted parts from the book that the patient enjoyed:

“Chiropractors X ray the spine to get a careful structural and functional picture of the vertebral column. First, the plates reveal the degree of pathology which may be present, diseases of the bones, fractures, malignancy, tec. Second, the X ray films are interpreted much as an engineer interprets blueprints. The doctor of chiropractic examines the plates for subluxations, misalignments and distortions of the spinal column and related structures. He must know the exact relationship of each vertebra with the one above and below it. He looks for evidence of stress and strain on the body framework. He is particularly interested in the weight bearing function and the mechanics of spinal movement.”

“Of all the natural forces affecting man, the earth’s field of gravity is a threat to him from birth to death. The fear of falling is the earliest fear acquired by man”.

“Despite the intolerant attitude of the AMA, many medical doctors approve of chiropractic methods. Medical authorities from all over the world have acknowledged the gap in the spectrum of therapy, which is being filled by chiropractic”

“In most cases, when men and women reach their forties, the ailments of the later years cast their long shadows before them. It is most important, during this “middle period,” that careful attention be paid to the symptoms of stress and strain upon the body to prevent minor functional disturbance from developing in to chronic and organic disease.”




“People approaching middle age, who complain of stiffness in the neck or back fatigue, should investigate the possibility that they are entering an early stage of hypertrophic arthritis (osteoarthritis). The basic cause of hypertrophic arthritis may be increased pressure on or injury to the joint, usually accompanied by impairment of circulation. It can be brought about not only by physical mishap but by bad posture or strain causing subluxations of the joints.”
“Doctors of chiropractic who have cared for arthritic patients call attention to the danger of the stresses and strains resulting from structural disorders, and their relationship to arthritis.”