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Back pain while pregnant

We often see pregnant women at our Chiropractic clinic in Caledonia who are having difficulty with back pain. The changes in the body as well as the new baby can create difficulties for the back. Fortunately, the pain should not be there for the entire pregnancy and should continue to change. Chiropractic is a great way to get the body and pain to change.



How does Chiropractic help back pain when pregnant?

By simply adjusting the pelvis and/or spine into the proper position the body moves and feels much better. This does not require much force and can be quite gentle.

Is it harder to adjust when pregnant?

We see many pregnant women at our Chiropractic clinic in Caledonia and are able to use pillows and different tables to find the most comfortable position to get them adjusted.

Fortunately, the spine and pelvis relax during pregnancy due to pregnancy hormones. This actually makes it easier to adjust the spine and pelvis!

Unfortunately, due to the relaxed pelvis and spine to body tends to subluxate or come out of position more easily. Also due to the baby’s position, it can change how the mother would normally move. This makes it important to be checked by a Chiropractor often to be functioning the best that the body can.

What are some suggestions for pregnant women with back pain?

  • Ice can be very helpful to reduce the pain in the spine and pelvis. Just be careful not to freezer burn the skin.
  • Movement is essential to help the body find the proper positions and even to help the baby move into happier positions. Simple movements can be the best, including pelvic motions and walking. Swimming is great too as it allows movement of the body in a more weightless environment.
  • Deep breathing is a great way to move the muscles of the spine and abdomen. It can also help encourage the baby to move into happier positions. You can think of the deep breathing as “hugging” the baby.
  • Learn about the good and bad positions that the body gets into. Realize that through your movements and postures you can find happier and less happy positions for your body. Once you identify a bad position or painful posture, learn how to get out of it. This can be great practice to help with your confidence during the delivery as you will know that you can change the pain with your movements or postures.

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