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Age-Proof book

Review of Age-Proof

The book titled Age-Proof caught my attention instantly.  It wasn’t necessarily the first title, but the saying connected to it; “Living longer without running out of money or breaking a hip”.  I loved this and wanted to see what I could find in this book to share with my Chiropractic patients in Caledonia.

The book found similarities in the advice that was given by financial experts as well as health experts in terms of life longevity.  Many of the biggest financial problems were occurring due to health problems, and many of the biggest health problems were being impacted by money problems.

The advice in this book with regards to health is gathered from studies that look at life longevity and causes of death.  I wish they had been a little more focused on quality of life and movement.  Chiropractic has some amazing benefits to add here but they weren’t mentioned.  Because of this I will try to add a few things I’d add to this book.

Taking inventory of your body and finances was an important part of this book.  This needs to be done at regular intervals in order to catch any serious problems but to also keep your body and finances moving towards your goals.

Chiropractic is an excellent way to check your body at a regular interval when your goal is to live towards a longer life.  When I check patients in Caledonia I observe how their body is moving from bottom to top.  I am looking for inefficiencies or asymmetries in how the body is moving.  These inefficiencies can be adjusted to create proper movement as well as to reduce interference on the nerves passing through the vertebrae.  This is a great health behavior.

Chiropractic is also a great way to recover if experiencing an injury.  By helping the body find balance and function like it should again, your body has an opportunity to heal without merely ignoring the problem.

This book also connects you to a website which tailors this advice to you.  It is called whose tagline on the front page is “We’re here to help you build a longer, better life”.  Through questions about your lifestyle and recent medical test results it will help give you your “real age” which helps you recognize if your efforts have aged you quicker or slower than your chronological age.  Quite a way to encourage someone to make life changing behaviours!  No one wants to be older than they actually are!  Definitely worth checking out to see how old you are.

The parts of the book include:

-System checks
-Breaking Bad Behavior
-Pressure Situations (Stress)
-Team Works (putting together a team to help you succeed.  Chiropractors should have been added to this list in my Chiropractic opinion)
-Survival Instinct (Why it is difficult to accomplish some of these ideas)
-Go Time (Why it is not too late to make some of these life changes)
-Making a Living
-Domestic Engineering

The book has it all organized and put together, but so does the website and app.  I would definitely explore this resource of information and learn where you may be short changing your life.





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